ashes to ashes, dust to dust/once fertile land, now barren crust/a “clear cut” path tred foolishly/into the grasp of industry/listen closely, can you hear/the falling of the tree/deep within the forest heart/where no one’s there to see/the raping of an eon’s growth/squandered callously/another murdered biosphere/consumed by industry/cry of the seabirds, vanished with time/waves no longer crash the shoreline/the sea is now content to boil/weighted down with heavy oil/corpses cast out from the sea/rot on the shore, amidst debris/their skeletons slowly decompose/no longer sun to bleach the bones.

his omnipresent power is felt in every home/feel his warm static embrace, you’ll never be alone/his flickering gaze emanates the divine light/that bathes his worshipers each and every night/”don’t worry, be happy”,you’ll never have to choose/he will show you how to win and show you why you why you lose/you know without his guidance you surely would be lost/so feed him your compassion to defray the cost/you are now…baptized/you are now…chastised/you are now…desensitized/you are now…lobotomized/praise the cybergod…for the pound of flesh you ate/praise the cybergod…for the gift of hate/praise the cybergod…to show what’s right and wrong/praise the cybergod…you will make him strong/with his illusion you will be king of your world/he will show you uses for those naughty little girls/as for women, you can own the ones you’ll never find/just sit back and leave the real world behind/with all your money and fast cars, you’ll surely lead the race/you’ll sit at cybergod’s right hand and never fall from grace/in your imagination you’ll be the one to rule/but in the harsh reality, you’re a media tool/praise the cybergod…for the fools you put in power/praise the cybergod…liar, usurper/praise the cybergod…for a false reality/praise the cybergod…for a world of misery.
(music:john john/words:al)

since the sun first shot it’s rays across the sky/a darkness crept into mankind’s wretched soul/in fear the weak first spawned the sanctimonious lie/that grew within their hearts demanding to control/from the void within their minds arose a fearsome god/cowering upon their knees they began a reign of guilt/jealously they coveted the freedom they once knew/but could not cast off the chains of servitude they’d built/for two thousand years or maybe more/the sacrificial blood has been shed/to appease the so-called Saviour/they pile high the corpses of the dead/their holy water cannot wash away/the price of freedom stained upon their hands/and the fear of their Judgement Day/it spread across the distant lands/our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy shame/thy kingdom come, the blood will run, enslaved on earth as in heaven/heal the blind so they will see/that their salvation is not for free…sinner!/the depth of their intolerance none can ever tell/thus began the inquisition/and the non-believers freedom they call the heathen’s hell/the foundations of religious persecution/and those who seek, will surely find/and prey upon, those left behind.
(music:john john/words:al)

destitute populations/diseased minds/censored opinions/dwelling on time are people really blind/or just absent of their minds/a continuous pattern towards/the fallout of our very being/and when at war/soldier kills soldier/it’s man killing mankind/I ask you why?/why life must go to such a waste?

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(music:roy.john john.vic/words:al)

Take your religious chains/you don’t own my soul/you’ve tried to soak our brains to waste/with holy water in a silver bowl/beware of your godhood/for soon they shall rebel/you’ve stabbed us with your sacred cross/and blessed us with this living hell/lord, god, father and son/your pious solve their problems with their guns/lord, god, father and son/why must I hang upon a cross for the sins I’ve never done/beware of your godhood/for soon they will rebel/we’ll break your chains/I’ll not burn in your living hell.
(music/words:john john)

I am the non-creator/for man has created his own lord/I am the anti-master/for this lord god rules with a blood stained sword/their slavery is based on deception/their chains are tightly bound/the holders of the keys/shall lock us to the ground/the power for the people/not for their promised land/the power for the people/their utopia shall crumble into sand/the created god on which you rely/shall rule you until you die/the “book” continues to hold them/but still never questioned why/would you allow your life to be taken/by the clutches of just one hand?/would you allow your life to be taken/by the clutches of just one man?/would you ever understand what their lies are about?/will you ever understand?!!!
(music/words:john john)

the world is growing weaker/with the passing of each day/riding the westwinds/the fetid stench of decay/resources dwindle into the consumerist machine/as mechanical vultures pick/the carcass of our world clean/extinction/from the rot man has sown/he must now reap the seeds/the fruit of his labor/hunger and disease/we now cling to this dust/like flies, crawling on carrion/whose infertile soils are fit/only to bury in/extinction/as our dying breath is released to the wind/the innocent lie/with those who have sinned/their meaningless lives/have long been forgotten/as the cycle rebirth/starts to begin/a new day will dawn/ through the rising of smoke/of civilizations shattered dreams and hopes/new life will rise from mankind’s fall/whose corpses will feed/on the barren dead soil.

Expanding new horizons/the age of humanity is past/a sterile new environment/where emotion cannot last/a frail human weakness/that must be overcome/your wretched laugh and feeble tears/are now over and done/anesthize the feelings/cauterize the mind/life’s simple joy is a luxury/that they will never find/step into the light of day/we’ll see to all your needs/give up to us your children/so we may sow the seeds/of a new and useless way of life/we call the status quo/we’ll feed them lies of our new age/and off to work they’ll go/to keep up peak production/we’ll exploit their petty greed/if I work long and hard enough/then someday I’ll succeed/but when your use has ended/and you’ve worked long and hard/you’ll see yourself a wasted mess/and permanently scarred/I’ll inherit the wasteland/a technological dream/that’s draining my life’s blood/I’m chained to the machine/sift through emotional wreckage/weed the weak out from the strong/with the dawning of our master race/how can we go wrong?/strong in body weak in mind/a total lack of thought/drones work an anti-septic hive/that our tax dollars bought/cleanliness and godliness/the lessons of the day/step out of line/and you’ll find out the price you have to pay/technology will blossom/but soon it has to feed/consuming all your wasted lives/to satisfy it’s need/the path you took was futile/because you were deceived/they told you, you were on your way/and that’s what you believed/until one day you saw the gray /that had become your life/a rocky barren wasteland/of suffering, toil, and strife/they finally lost all use/for your spent mind and failing health/now when you see your children/it reminds you of yourself/when you traveled down that “golden road”/that ended up in ruin/they will all fall victim to the system/that consumes them.

Engines of destruction lurch into gear/our destiny driven by greed and by fear/progress, the bitter sweet pill we must taste/alone we’re exiled/to an earth laid to waste/with our very blood we must fuel the machine/the resultant carnage is fucking obscene/madmen rush in where the sane fear to tread/like cattle to slaughter/we are willingly led/still born we lie cold and dead in our world/a womb made of concrete and steel/lifeless mankind has become obsolete/prey of reaper of death is a silicone brain/the last plague is progress/leperous reign/from master to slave/we soon shall fall/ is consuming us all/a predestined hell/unleashed by man’s own hand/eating away irreplaceable land/displaced native people become refugees/they crawl to the axe/on hands and knees/ground under the wheels of the microchip age/lost in the translation/we just turn the page/as the sands of time are scattered/to the winds of fate/one looks back and wonders/if it’s a little too late/like parasites we slowly suck/the life out of our host/devouring for profit/we’ve destroyed what’s worth the most/as sickness spreads across the world/the sign of modern times/multinationals commit environmental crimes/protected by a web/of beurocratic red tape and lies/we’ve made laws/which will insure mankind’s demise/the earth becomes more intolerable/and hostile day by day/the fools just say that it’s god’s will/and kneel down to pray.

look at this world man has created/people dependant on greed and hatred/wars between religion/wars between races/still fighting battles/their ancestors started/you destroy/you exploit/we condone/we self destruct/blood money pours from every wound/wars for profit selling weapons of doom/destroying ourselves/destroying our land/taking the future from our children’s hands/you destroy/you exploit/we condone/we self destruct/the graves of Auschwitz were not enough/Nagasaki, Hiroshima are a sea of blood/did you forget Cambodia, Vietnam?/it was miles away in a primitive land.
(music:john john,vic’jim/words:neil)

reconstructing humyn nature for procurement and self promotion/refining the skills that will exact humyn demotion/with the segregating strength of the stigmata issued/we create the carriers of our wrath/innocence abused/the persecuted harbor bigots’ sour venom/masses fill the scapegoat roles in the social procession/objectives first in mind/tools carved for the trade/sociopathic megalomaniacs/the by-products we create/freedom taken/ignorance remains/a blackened dove/is a dove the same/profited by this existence of expendable nature/gambling with the tokens of sex, class and color/population of oppressors/we rest assure/by paragons of despot/so greedily nurtured/restrained and maintained by the strings held above/in the record grooves of our minds/we blame a blackened dove/exploitive shield over the eyes/remains only with permission of an ignorant mind/the hope for freedom is always darkened/by those who replace love for hate in the controls of our lives/enlighten your minds/recognize their devices/freedom is a truth that lays just beyond their lies.
(music:john john/words:amy)

maimed and mangled on a battlefield/you’ve got no arms/the nightmare’s real/your face and legs have been blown away/a useless stump/you’re thrown astray/in greater wars/when each proud fight brags/they war on death for lives/not for men but for flags/mother sings her songs of woe/father turns/doesn’t want to know/your family has been torn apart/by a piece of meat with a purple heart.

through all your research there’s still no cure for a disease like you/ulcerated eyes show no glimmer of life/nor do they reflect the pain inflicted by your knife/they’re cancerous and bleeding/better off dead/vivisectionist you must be sick in the head/he’s a contract killer for the company/to see how their products will effect you and me/the gruesome way in which these animals die/makes you wonder what’s in the products that you buy/from dogs forced to smoke your cigarettes/to the monkeys that suffer electrical shocks/their crying eyes plead from inside a cage/tortured because they’ll never talk.
(music:john john/vic;words:al)

goddess raped by god/devouring our imminence/famished for fear/we die/sacrosanct arbiter/subjugating the earth/bastardizing spirituality/demise/consummate your venality/battened by life’s spoils/placate your greed/we cry/womyn and earth/objectified/brutalized/profitised/despiritualised/we die/the lies.

equal rights and justice/a dream we must make true/without a ruling nation/free of racist fools/let nature make the boundaries/not power drunken scum/who kill for greed and profit/our lives ruled by their guns/how many lives today will the system take away?/in the name of their bloodlust and power hungry ways/if you’re looking for the truth/all you’ll find is lies/another cover up/another rebel crucified/he questioned their authority/they stole away his life/riddled full of bullets/for opening people’s eyes/the papers gave their stories/of how peter tosh had died/but the people know the real truth/they won’t believe those lies/don’t get to close/you’ll be next on their list/CIA death squads make another hit/government and murder going hand in hand/like Hitler and his nazis/here comes the final plan/another rebel dies so their system can survive/they stop the people’s rise by feeding them more lies/another sacrifice so their shitstem shall survive/they blind the people’s eyes with their politricks and lies/another rebel dies so their hatred will survive/they shut the people’s cries with murder and with lies.
(music:john john,vic/words:vic)

look into their eyes/what do you see?/I see fear, innocence and agony/look at their souls/what do you see?/punishment without criminality/look into their minds/ what do you see?/why the fuck are you doing this to me?/look at their flesh/what do you see?/the blood of needless pain from your insanity/unseen/they suffer/unheard/they cry/in agony/they linger/in loneliness/they die/look at yourself/what do you see?/the bastard who inflicted pain on me/look into your soul/what do you see?/the conscience of a killer who refuses to let me free/look into your mind/what do you see?/selfishness/the pedestal of apathy/look into your heart/what do you see?/surely not a human from your indecency/electrodes in my head/straps secure my arms/I know these humans/are out to do me harm/caged from day of birth/unable to walk free/why can’t these bastards/fucking let me be/I know these humans/are out to do me harm/endless, senseless torture on a science slaughter farm/years of animal testing/how can this be true?/you’d surely feel different/if I did this crime on you/animal torture/how can this exist?/a crime with no law/committed by scientists/electrodes in my head/electrodes in my head/now dead.
(music/words:john john)

destructive not productive/man always seems to destroy/when the opportunity arises/man always takes more/never satisfied/the soil is scorched/never satisfied/the world is torched/the conscience of humanity/is that of greed and hate/shouldn’t we have learned by now/from our mistakes.

everyday I wake up/waiting for the day/when they send their fascist strong-arms/to come and take my home away/my home may not be much/but I built it all the same/and I’ll not let these bastards/steal my home away/they refuse to hear our pleas/to compromise our position/our only alternative/is we leave this land of “freedom”/they keep smashing at our door/we will never fall/our blood, sweat and dreams/lay within these walls/we’ll just patch them up/again and again/they label us dirty squatters/junkies, political activists/I prefer to use the term humans/in search of peace and freedom/you’ve seen us on the news/you’ve heard about our struggle/now’s the time/unite/fight back and win/we’re communities of people with nowhere left to run/families with children/with nothing of their own/we work within the community/helping out each other/come along and meet us/see what self governments about/we don’t use bombs and violence/peace and knowledge we select/but if they use violence to break us/we must resist to exist/my day has finally closed/my home is still intact/but who’s to say while I’m asleep/they won’t launch another attack/we’re ready/are you?!!

as our last moment takes it’s toll/the madmen’s wrath then unfolds/everything crumbles on our heads/we flee as the sky turns red/the day will come when our houses burn/the ice won’t melt/the world won’t turn/you’ll just cry in hunger and thirst/the day will come when the world will burst/as our time drips slowly/and our lives melt like wax/we put our heads upon the block/and give them to the axe.
(music/words:john john)

should we just sit around/waiting for you to drop your bombs/no we won’t sit around/waiting for the end to come/an opportunity to stop the arms race/we must disarm today/or destroy the human race/they’re building up those walls of fear/don’t let them tell you it can’t happen here/they’re building up those walls of hate/let’s knock them down/before it’s too late/we must look back/to where the race began/take back our power/our lives from their hands/enlight and unite/for others to follow/lend yourself to freedom/from awareness will come change/they’re building up those walls of hate/let’s knock them down before it’s too late.

your flag/war flag/red, white and blue/the colors of a history/that have changed nothing for you/the patriotic banner/for the racists to rally under/used as propaganda/lead you to fight another/open your eyes and look around/at the racism and the hate/open your mind and understand/the oppression by the state/in your mind breeds violence and hate/tools to strengthen the fascist state/oppressing minorities/for god and for country/the ignorance you practice/will never set you free/open your eyes and look around/at the racism and the hate/open your mind and understand/the freedom from the state/it’s time to say enough/it’s time to scream no more/put all racism on the offensive/all people join together/smash racism now.

born then thrown into the pit/and taught to hate each other/we build our own pile of shit/and then we make another/we bring this upon ourselves/ignorance is bliss/we love to cause each other pain/why the fuck is this?/I don’t like the shit I see/suicidal destiny/hate, despair and apathy/just maintains this treachery/then we’re put into our molds/and taught our various roles/roles designed by media/created then controlled/controlled by laws and standards/rooted in normality/normality based on violence and insecurity/I don’t like the shit I see/suicidal destiny/hate, despair and apathy/just maintains this treachery/world of no tomorrow/makes me fucking sick/world of no tomorrow/is ending pretty quick.

MTV (feeding of the fortune 500)
Entertain the masses/with music video shit/it’s used to serve two purposes/not “playing all the hits”/one, it makes you passive and desensitized/two, it teaches to consume and tells you what to buy/fills your head with concepts/of how to dress and act/does the video sell the music or does the music sell the crap?/art or advertisement?/I’m really not quite sure/all I know is that I don’t want my MTV no more/corporate tool/telescreen/device to run our lives/fills my head with garbage/fills my head with lies/little pschodramas/false images of life/a visual anesthetic/to numb us from the strife/spew endless token tantrums/to keep us pacified/false images of freedom/to keep us all in line/kept in constant darkness/from the true reality/a mindless pantomime/from the screen of my TV/reality of life?/I’m really not quite sure/all I know is I don’t want this anymore/a portrait of the world/that’s nothing but a dream/a bright and rosy future/on a black and white screen/don’t think twice/don’t even use your brain/make sure that every one/in the tribe does the same/it’s so much easier than thinking for yourself/like neatly packaged products/on a supermarket shelf/max headroom says to buy it/ as seen on MTV/well you can fuck off max/cause now I really see/a vision of reality?/no, now I’m really sure/fuck your MTV/cause I don’t need it anymore/keeps your corporate music/my rebellion’s not for sale/I don’t want your empty life/so fucking go to hell!

Artillery flashes/a government crashes/a civilian dies/false freedom’s price/the power of profit strengthens/as death lists lengthen/we’ve paid your price/fought your wars/we won’t take it anymore/get ready the light shines clearer/get ready the end is nearer/another tool/sister and brother/stolen from the womb of your mother/given one choice/to throw away your voice/words leader’s speak spread disease/as we beg for life on our knees /a world based on power and greed/lives in exchange/for what they need/lies are swallowed/as the poor blind follow/poverty military political prison/our lives can’t be held by your system/don’t tell me/I deserve nothing/I deserve the right to live/I’m not you experimental rabbit/used for your sick purposes/we’ll fight on till the answer’s clear/and our children need not fear/if it takes/the world’s… destruction.

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